• Must be 18 or older to be in a Room where
Bingo or Raffle is being played
• Must be playing bingo or raffle to occupy a seat
• Player must display admission card at all times
• It is NOT REQUIRED to have the last # called to bingo
• It is REQUIRED to have the last # called to Win ANY Build-UP Jackpot
• All players must be able to provide a picture ID and
Proof of social security number to claim prizes
• Players are responsible to pay taxes on prizes
• Any unclaimed prizes go to sponsoring organization
• TV Ball Not Official until Called
• Splits will be divided
• Daubers must be used on all paper
• It is the players responsibility to YELL BINGO and STOP the game
• Once the caller closes a game, no other bingo's will be honored
• You Must Leave where bingo is being played to talk on a Cell Phone
• You Must Be considerate of other players by
keeping conversation as quiet as possible
• No candles or continuous flames
• We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
• Not responsible for printing errors.
• Any amount won over $100 Must Be Recorded by WV State Law
• W2-G Forms will be issued on Single bingo wins of $1,200
or More and Single Raffle wins of $600 or More
• Program subject to change as needed at management's discretion
• Management decisions are final!
• Management Reserves ALL Rights to Change games, specials
or payouts as needed
• Pull tab winners must be redeemed on the date of purchase
Note: Check ALL unclaimed prizes &
Break Open Game Winning Numbers at Bingo Counter
• Only Serial # Paper sold at the Session being played will be honored
• Players may not have multiple bingos for the same
pattern at the same time on One Bingo Face.
Note: Players may have more than one bingo on different Faces
• Players can Bingo for Different Patterns on the same Face